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The Spanish economy is the 5th largest in the EU and the 4th in the euro area. The services sector, which is constantly expanding as in most European countries, now accounts for 75% of the economy. This has come at the expense of the primary sector, which now accounts for only 3% of GDP. With a share of 22%, the industrial sector comprises a large part related to the construction sector.

E-commerce Spain
online sales continue to grow in Spain.

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Switzerland is one of the main trading partners :

Economic relations between the two countries are intense and are based on a long tradition. In 2019, trade reached some 13.9 billion francs. Switzerland has a trade surplus. The main categories of goods traded are pharmaceuticals and chemicals, precious metals and jewellery, agricultural products, machinery and vehicles.
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Presentation of the key points of the advantages of our logistics for Spain.


- Dedicated teams

The selection of subcontractors selected according to strict criteria in the areas of safety, safety and the environment

Secure Logistics Warehouse


Value-added services and distribution solutions


Quality control

Product customization


Logistics of returns


- Knowledge

- Cost

Digital shopping Spain

Spain, one of Europe's largest countries and economies, is a medium-sized, developed and soluble market for online shopping. Dominated by major U.S. e-commerce companies, the Spanish market is competitive with many foreign companies and some established local stores and pure e-commerce players managing to hold their position.
Source: wearesocial

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