Our Commitments 

From the beginning, STAR Logistique has been concerned about the environment... Find out what we DO!

Concerned about our environment ...

STAR Logistique supports actions in favor of the environment.


We use 20% of "Green Vital Energy"  electricity


Most of our packaging and supplies are recyclable.


For several years, our company has been a partner of the IGSU’s campaign for "a clean world".

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Because sport is an integral part of our values, Star Logistique is a partner and a sponsor of various sports organizations, as well as social caritative events.


Star Logistique Equipe World Clean Up Day by emaloja 2019

IGSU Citizen Clean-Up Days

For two years now, Star Logistique has supported this great initiative (born 10 years ago in Estonia) by organizing its own movement in the heart of Geneva.

The action consists of collecting litter. Each year, a hundred volunteers come to lend a helping hand.

Plainpalais in 2018, the riverbanks of the Arve in 2019... See you on September 12, 2020 for the next edition. We need all of you!

Star Logistique Partenaire de l'Ecole Suisse de Ski Genève

Ski for All

We are partners of the Swiss Ski School of Geneva since the 2016-2017 ski & snowboard season.  

We particularly appreciate this partnership, because ESS Geneva corresponds to the values that we wish to communicate, i.e. competence, service, quality, trust, learning process and the specific know-how adapted to each client.

Star Logistique Sponsor CS Chênois

Sponsor of CS Chênois

In 1988, CS Chênois was playing in the national B league, while Star Logistique was revolutionizing express transport in Geneva and throughout Switzerland. 
At that time, Marco Van Basten, Lothar Matthaus and Ruud Gullit as well as AC Milan ruled over European football. Germany hosted the European Cup of Nations.

Since 2017, Star Logistique (now a key player in the region in terms of transport and logistics), has joined the game by supporting CS Chênois.

Star Logistique soutient l'association Hope lors du Raid Féminin en Laponie

Support for the Women's Raid in Lapland

The HOPE association supports women during and after breast cancer. They learn how to rebuild their life and bounce back from illness, especially through riding (horse therapy) and painting (art therapy).

Star Logistique is proud to support this initiative, as well as this beautiful 100%-female team.


Star Logistique Equipe World Clean Up Day by emaloja 2019

Association les colis du cœur 

La fondation Colis du Cœur répond aux urgences et fournissent des denrées alimentaires aux familles et personnes en situation de précarité sur le Canton de Genève.
Les Colis du Cœur sont de plus en plus sollicités. C'est pourquoi, nous  avons choisi de créer une cagnotte Solidaire et reverser l'intégralité de notre budget de fin d'année, parce  que les plus démunis ont plus que jamais besoin de nous.
4625.- CHF c'est le somme que nous avons récoltés pour la fondation, l'équivalent de 133 colis!                    www.colisducoeur.ch  
Star Logistique Equipe World Clean Up Day by emaloja 2019

Sponsor Switzers équipe féminine Rugby 

L'équipe des Switzers Lady est la première équipe féminine U20 de Suisse. Composé de jeunes joueuses de la région genevoise, les filles jouent dans le championnat Suisse à XV de LNA-F (1ère division), ainsi que dans celui de rugby à sept, le Swiss Super Sevens. 
Nous sommes fiers de soutenir le sport féminin! 

Responsible employer 

We are proud to be a Signatory of the "1 + for All" charter. 
STAR Logistique is committed to its employees. 

Star Logistique possède le Label 1+pour tous

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