Our Team

Meet our administrative team

Cédric Ricou CEO Star Logistique

Cédric Ricou, CEO

Founder and visionary, Cédric is the company’s backbone. He is involved in everything, from business development to innovation, marketing and customer experience strategies.

Nathaly Moro Directrice des Opérations Star Logistique

Nathaly Moro, Director of Operations and HR

Nathaly is responsible for the management of logistics and IT projects, operational schedules as well as tenders. She also takes good care of our employees’ well-being and safety.

Delia Badel Directrice Administrative et Financière

Delia Badel, Administrative and Financial Director

Delia skillfully manages the accounting and administration.

Glendy Vasquez Logistique et Transport

Glendy Vasquez, Logistics et Transport

Glendy is responsible for organizing and coordinating logistics and tailor-made transport operations, as well as following customer requests.


Nabila Mouaci, Communication and Marketing

Nabila's role is focused on the actions related to communication, strategy, and digital marketing, in direct relation with the company's projects.