Logistics & Transport FAQ

This page is made to help you answer your questions related to your logistics,

packaging of your products, stock management, preparation of your orders, storage and transport

Logistic & E-Commerce

What services does STAR Logistique offer ?

STAR Logistique can intervene throughout the supply chain. From importing your goods, receiving them, storage, cross-channel, order preparation, shipping, return management, customer service.

How are my orders transferred to STAR Logistique ?

STAR Logistique provides free of charge either a file template based on an expected format or secure web access allowing you to enter your entry or exit orders.  Based on specifications, our IT team will analyze your request for compatibility with your ERP, CMS or any other COMPUTER system. The implementation of connector, API is possible.

If my order volume increases, is the price of orders degressive ?

Rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and according to your volume, type of orders.

Is there a connector to plug into my site ?

Yes we have a connector for Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify CMS. This connector requires configuration to be in line with the data retrieved for the sales order.

What information do I have in return after preparing an order ?

Whether you are interfaced or use our web access, you have visibility on :

Confirmation of expected receipt, entry into stock, order confirmation received, end of order preparation, order shipment, tracking of parcel and carrier used, daily theoretical stock inventory, monthly report, sales channel.

How often do you make an inventory ?

It is up to you, however, we strongly recommend an inventory at least once a year.

Do you use recycled packaging ?

Absolutely, we offer recycled supplies as well as cushioning as a priority. However, if our client's needs do not allow it, we adapt to their needs.

Is packaging and cushioning included in the cost of order preparation ?

Yes, for orders that do not require palletizing.

Is it possible to put advertising, goodies in the sales order ?

Yes, we gladly do it for free as long as we stay on a sample, a catalog, flyer.

Do you store fresh produce ?

No, no storage of fresh produce.

What is the preparation time ?

On standard orders, we have a respect of the deadlines from D+ 0 to D+1.

How am I insured ?

Responsibility for all risks lies with the owner of the goods. For claimsthat are  the responsibility of the service provider, the logistical conditions of Spedlogswiss apply.

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