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France is the 6th economic power in the world, and the 2nd economic power in Europe after Germany.

The French economy is an increasingly open economy, occupying an important place in international trade, mainly within the European Union.

E-commerce France 

Second most populous country and largest economy in the EU, France is a leading, developed and resolvable market for online shopping in Europe.

Led by American giants, the French market is competitive with foreign companies competing with well-established national stores and pure e-commerce players.

The French internet and e-commerce landscape has tens of millions of users, it is the third largest online market in Europe, just behind the United Kingdom and Germany, but far behind the United States in terms of size. With 58 million Internet users, the French digital population is comfortable and familiar with the convenience of electronic commerce. The French often use computers and mobile devices to access the Internet and buy a wide range of products and services online.

Switzerland is one of the main trading partners

France is Switzerland's 5th largest trading partner, behind Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy. In 2019, its share of Swiss foreign trade was 6.5% with a trade volume worth CHF 38 billion. 44% of trade with France takes place with border regions and is superior to those with Japan and Brazil together. Commercial relations between France and Switzerland are excellent and do not encounter any major problems. Switzerland is the 4th foreign investor in France. More than 1900 Swiss companies are established in France. Major challenges for Swiss companies are the rigidity of the labor market, taxation and administrative complexity

Source  SECO 


Presentation of the key points of the advantages of our logistics for France


Dedicated teams

The choice of subcontractors selected according to strict criteria in the fields of safety, security and the environment

Secure logistics warehouse

Value-added services and distribution solutions


Quality Control

- Product customization


Return logistics


- Expertise

- Cost

Digital shopping in France

Product sales, the engine of e-commerce growth in 2020. With 112 billion euros, e-commerce turnover in France is up 8.5% over one year, compared to 11.6 % in 2019. In 2020, 17,400 additional sites were created, compared to last year. Report FEVAD 

Source: wearesocial

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