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Germany is one of the richest countries in the world, with a per capita gross domestic product in the top 20. With a population of 83 million, it is also the most populous market in the European Union. At the top of the benchmark ranking is the success of Germany, which has made logistics one of the levers of its economic growth.

E-commerce Germany

The most populous European country, Germany is a fairly large, developed and highly soluble market for online shopping. Dominated by major U.S. e-commerce companies, Germany still has room for its competitors, as it is an important market for established stores and e-commerce players.

The German internet and e-commerce landscape can be compared to the United States: even though it has only 79 million Internet users, the wealth of Germans and their habits of using e-commerce make it one of the most sophisticated market. Germans use both computers and mobile devices to shop online, buying a wide range of goods and services over the Internet.

Switzerland is one of the main trading partners :


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Introducing the key points of the benefits of our logistics for Germany :


  - Dedicated teams  

  - The selection of subcontractors selected according to strict criteria in the areas of safety, safety and the environment

  - Secure Logistics Warehouse


Value-added services and distribution solutions


Quality control

Personalization of products


Logistics of returns


- Knowledge

- Cost

Digital shopping Germany

Germany had a record year in 2019 in terms of e-commerce, with multi-channel traders recording a particularly significant increase in sales. German e-commerce could reach 141 billion euros in 2024
source: E-Commerce News

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