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Italy was the seventh largest exporter in the world in 2019 and strongly committed to the multilateral system. One of these main objectives at the national level is to increase the degree of internationalization of SMEs, which account for 99% of the economic fabric.

E-commerce Italy

The Italian internet and e-commerce landscape has tens of millions of users, it is one of the largest European markets, but not as developed as the United Kingdom and Germany, which are themselves far behind the United States in terms of size.

With 49 million Internet users, Italy's digital population is well-off and accustomed to e-commerce and convenience. Italians often use computers and mobile devices to access the Internet and buy a wide range of products and services online.

The Italian e-commerce market is sophisticated, with high penetration and high creditworthiness, competition is quite intense. Amazon, which enjoys the advantage of being the leader in the huge U.S. market and its very early development, also dominates the Italian e-commerce market overwhelmingly .

Switzerland is one of the main trading partners :

3rd economic partner of Switzerland after Germany and the United States, 50% of trade with Italy takes place with the border regions , Bilateral trade between Switzerland and Italy of services and goods (with gold) amounts to one billion CHF per week.

Switzerland is the 6th largest foreign investor in Italy. Major challenges for Swiss companies are the framework conditions ensuring legal certainty and transparency, efficient administrative procedures and a flexible labour market. Common interests in strategic sectors such as pharmaceuticals, energy, infrastructure and transport.
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Presentation of the key points of the advantages of our logistics for Italy.


 - Dedicated teams

 - The selection of subcontractors selected according to strict criteria in the areas of safety, safety and the environment

 - Secure Logistics Warehouse


Value-added services and distribution solutions


Quality control

Personalization of products


Logistics of returns


- Knowledge

- Cost

Digital shopping Italy

The growth of e-commerce in Italy is confirmed. According to the B2C e-commerce observatory at the Politecnico school in Milan, the amount of online purchases in 2019 is close to 31.6 billion euros, or 15% compared to 2018. The increase in absolute value is the highest on record (4.1 billion euros).

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